I am proud to have worked with the following people and organizations. They have honored me by giving me an opportunity to be involved in their project.


Marshall Space Flight Center : The Ares 1 Vehicle Integration Team

Mike Suffredini – ISS Program Manager

The Flight Crews of :
STS-62A *
Expedition 11
STS-120 *
Expedition 22
Expediton 23
Expedition 25
Expedition 26
Expedition 27
Expedition 29
Expedition 30
Expedition 34
One Year Expedition Crew
Expedition 47
Expedition 48

(* Design not chosen or mission canceled)

The George H.W. Bush
Presidential Library and Museum

The Frontier of Flight Museum
Dallas, Texas

The Science Museum of London

The Dallas Police Department

The One Giant Leap, Inc.

Steve Eves 1/10 Scale Saturn V
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Association of Women in the Metal Industries

U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation

The Young Astronauts Program

Virtual Heroes

Exciting Simulations

U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame
Astronaut Training Experience

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

Astronaut Memorial Foundation

The Exploration Museum, Iceland